Until recently, paragliding was unregulated in Kenya. Whilst this appeals to the free spirit of many pilots, the aviation authorities have called for a stricter regulation of the sport in order to enhance safety, improve take-off and landing sites across the country and to promote the sport in general to pilots in Kenya.

The PAK was established in order to self regulate to enhance safety in the sport of paragliding in Kenya, along the set of guidelines and training curriculum (Section 21 Appendix) introduced to the Kenya Civil Aviation Authorities (KCAA) .

The PAK was formed in 2018 by a group of long-standing pilots in Kenya. The organisation placed under the umbrella of the Recreational Aviation Association of Kenya (RAAK), which is the official body in Kenya, tasked with regulating Recreational Aviation.

PAK’s Core Commitments:

  1. Enhancing safety through self regulation.
  2. Working to together with RAAK
  3. Installation of weather stations at flying sites
  4. Developing of a licensing system
  5. Annual paragliding festivals to promote the sport
  6. Publishing of national paragliding records
  7. Publishing of new flying spots and their restrictions

Benefits of PAK Membership

  • ‘Legally’ fly in Kenyan Airspace, access to weather-station data
  • Meet the community!
  • Enjoy the PAK members whatsapp group, newsletters and meeting in Nairobi

PAK Membership Fees

You have the following PAK Membership fee options:

  1. Annual Membership of ~$25 (KSh 2,500)
  2. 60 Day Membership for Tourists or Short Term Visitors  of ~$15 (KSh 1500)

Important Notice:

The PAK condemns pilots:

  • Flying without membership in the PAK
  • Flying with old outdated gear
  • Not wearing the appropriate safety gear such as gloves and helmet
  • Flying in restricted airspace
  • Flying under influence of drugs and alcohol



Certificate of Registration

Paragliding Syllabus Appendix 3

Fee Structure

Training Level Requirements

Equipment Indemnity Form

iGC  File Plotting Platform